We take pride in being earth friendly, environmentally responsible, and are consistently taking necessary steps to lower our carbon footprint. All the materials we use to create our candle products are biodegradable and/or recyclable. Yes, that's right, ALL the materials, down to the steel wick tab can be recycled or reused!

Step Up & Go Green!

We are passionate about taking care of the environment by reducing waste, reusing materials and recycling. We don't believe in using plastics, bubble wrap, or air packs, and only choose biodegradable packing materials when shipping our products. With this in mind we designed a Recycle/Reduce/Reuse program for all our candle containers and wood lids.


All our candle containers and lids are recyclable.

Recycling saves resources, leaves less trash in landfills, prevents pollution and supports healthier lifestyles.  Please join us in a healthier lifestyle and a healthier community by joining our recycling program. 


All our candle containers and lids can be reused.

The purpose of reusing is to keep less garbage out of landfills and put things back to use in your home, or elsewhere.  Many of the supplies we use for our candles that get delivered to your door are reusable.  All our containers and lids can be reused for multiple purposes, school projects, planters, canning, and more. 


Help save the earth by eliminating or reducing waste.  

We want to help cut down on things we throw away and conserve our natural resources.  We purchase things in bulk that use less packaging. We buy durable reusable goods and try our best to stay away from disposable and harmful products, like plastics. 

Our Environmental Impact:

Kozy Barn Company believes the impact we have on the environment is huge and sustainability is a high priority for us all.  Recycling and reusing is one of our main goals in our business.  Being outdoors and experiencing the different elements is important to us so being eco-friendly is a must. 

All our products are handmade with 100% natural soy, contain premium braided cotton wicks with paper threads that don’t produce any carbon chemicals, and contain 100% premium oils with no artificial fragrances or petroleum by-products.